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Moonbeams and Starlight - A Tribute to The Orca Tokitae

Moonbeams and starlight

Ocean and Sky

sometimes grow sad,

but still the stars shine

They flicker and dance,

shining their love and light to guide you,

as I do

Today marks yet another year that the orca Tokitae has languished in abysmal conditions at the Miami Seaquarium. She is the last remaining survivor of a brutal capture on this date in 1970.

This video is a reprise from a short film I made in Tokitae's perspective 8 years ago, called Breaking Through The Clouds (you can watch here -

Moonbeams and Starlight, performed by my amazing friend Nathaly Lauren, is a song that Toki's mother sings to her in the film. It still touches my heart and it deserves to stand on its own aside from the film.

May Toki one day soon be free of the Miami Seaquarium <3

Visit ​ for more information about her story and how you can help.



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