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About Zach

Zach Affolter is a passionate marine biologist and animal/environmental advocate. In 2019, he graduated from Humboldt State University (HSU) with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology and a minor in Oceanography. Throughout his studies, he worked as the Resident Sustainability Adviser within HSU's Housing and Residence Life. In this position, he educated and inspired residents on campus about sustainability and environmental issues by hosting events, writing newsletters, creating bulletin boards, and various other means. 


Before his pursuit of a degree, Zach remained active in fighting for animal rights. He petitioned his school board to remove field trips from SeaWorld in place of ones that didn't involve holding cetaceans in captivity. He also worked on Peta2's Youth Advisory Board, wrote a blog on the site For All The Animals, served as a Youth Ambassador for Earthrace and Dolphin Project, and helped to organize the Miracle March for Lolita in 2015. Additionally, he volunteered with Earthrace and Pretoma to protect sea turtle eggs from poachers. In 2013, he also worked in the Youth Conservation Corp at Yosemite National Park to maintain trails and restore natural habitat. Throughout all of these endeavors, he continually created videos, articles, and short stories about animal and environmental rights.

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