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Breaking Dawn - Toki's Journey Home? #1 - Introduction

I was not planning on writing detailed commentary about the recent announcement to retire the orca Tokitae back to her home waters, but the more I read, the more I see reason to share my own perspective. I will be writing a series of posts about Toki, her plight, and exploring the different ways people think we should move forward in giving her a better fate. This first post serves as an introduction to those discussions we should be having to best suit Toki’s welfare.

The bottom line: we need to put our egos aside and come together to respectfully discuss what is best for Toki – and move towards THAT instead of our need to be right. Our duty now is to be advocates FOR Toki, to remind the Miami Seaquarium and all involved that this is about Toki and her story, about what is best FOR HER and her family, and that those involved will be embraced by making the right choices or held accountable should they fail her yet again.

Please leave a respectful comment with your perspectives and share this around so we can continue to have the discussions that are needed to give Toki the best outcome possible



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