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Carried By The Tide - Dive Into The Beauty Of The Sea

The most recent video from Rising Sun Productions. Take three minutes of your day to dive into the natural beauty of the oceans and the life within them. If you are inspired by the oceans, please consider taking action and doing your part to help protect them and your inhabitants.

It's Time To Breach The Dams | Save the Southern Resident Killer Whales BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

Beautiful. Majestic. Free. Killer whales have inspired us for thousands of years with their beauty and grace. However, southern residents, a population that frequently inhabits the Salish Sea and coastal waters of Washington State, are on the brink of extinction. Learn more by watching this film.

Black Water

A short, fictional narrative film that explores how killer whales may feel in a captive environment. It takes a critical look at the issue of keeping them and other animals in captivity, and above all provides an inspirational message for people who struggle through depression.

Breaking Through The Clouds

Breaking Through The Clouds is a short film about Tokitae (known by most as Lolita), a captive orca held captive for the past 44 years in an illegally sized tank at the Miami Seaquarium. This film originates from Tokitae's name itself, which means "nice day, pretty colors" in Coast Salish. If people can look at her suffering and understand what she endured, they will in turn be able to understand why it is so wrong to keep these sentient creatures in captivity, why it is so important to respect nature, and how we can find light in the darkest of times.  Breaking Through The Clouds premiered at Phinfest on March 14, 2015 and screened at Friday Harbor Film Festival on November 7 and 8, 2015.

Horror Show - Orkid's Sad Story (most popular video)

This video tells the sad story of Orkid, a captive-born orca at SeaWorld San Diego. Her life is a prime example of the detrimental effects of captivity on these beautiful creatures. Horror Show is Rising Sun Productions's most popular video to date, with almost a million views.

Marionette - Behind The Curtains at SeaWorld

Dolphins and other whales (cetaceans) are an intelligent and emotionally complex species we have come to hold dear over the past few decades. But despite the care that marine facilities claim to provide, these sentient animals still are deprived of what their wild counterparts get to experience. While their tricks seem majestic and awe-inspiring, their lives in captivity are far from that reality. They are marionette dolls for our amusement.

Tribute To The Dolphins of Taiji

This video is dedicated to the dolphins who have been captured and slaughtered in Taiji, Japan. Fishermen drive dolphins into the infamous killing cove from September until March each year to supply aquariums with animals or for meat consumption.

Far From Heaven - Tribute To Tilikum

This video tells the story of Tilikum, a killer whale at SeaWorld Orlando who was captured off the coast of Iceland at a young age. He died in 2017. Regardless of whether we are for or against captivity, Tilikum has captured our attention in his anguish and pain after being involved in the death of a trainer. His story further ignited the debate as to whether holding cetaceans in captivity is ethical.

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