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Angel Short Film - Rough Draft Preview and Updates

Hello everyone! There were some delays in the production of my short film about Angel. I was having trouble finding the right fit for the music with the footage I have and the direction I wanted to go with the film, so I took a break on working on it to let things fester over. The has now been finalized and I've been working on the script and putting footage together. I finished a very rough, unpolished version of the first segment of the film, which you can watch and read more about below. My hope is that this film will be finished in a month or so.

Rough draft preview of my short film about Angel and the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter. WARNING: Some content may be graphic or triggering to some viewers (Taiji dolphin capture/slaughter footage present).

In the preview above, you will see the text version of the current script at the bottom of the screen along with potential footage I will be using to go with that line. It is very likely that significant changes to both the footage and the script will be made in the final film - I just wanted to give you all a small look at how things are going so far. Hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Side note - if you are interested in being a voice actor for this film, please reach out to me for more information about how to audition! I'm looking for women with a soft, higher range voice who are able to pull off a wide variety of different emotions. This would be volunteer work, and as such I will be very understanding with your schedule!

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I remember watching Angela’s Mom commit suicide on that horrible day 6 years ago. What a horrible experience that was and now to see Angel like this should make people want this to STOP.

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