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Angel Short Film - Behind The Scenes #1: Testing Music Tracks

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Warning: Content in this video may be triggering to some viewers (clips of dolphins being driven into and netted in the cove at Taiji; no slaughter footage). Throughout the making of my film about Angel and the dolphin slaughter in Taiji, I will be posting behind the scenes videos to provide a more in-depth look at my production process. The first of these videos, shown above, details part of my process in finding the right background music for the film.

Over the past week, I have listened to over 200 music tracks across three different sites; I use Epidemic Sound, AudioBlocks, and Purple Planet as my main music sources for films. After this, I picked the most fitting 25 tracks from Epidemic Sound, 10 from Purple Planet, and 2 from AudioBlocks to test with some of the footage I have to narrow it down further to a top 15 list across all platforms. I do this testing process to help narrow down the music to use for the film and find the tracks that are most fitting to the topic. It also helps me get a general image in my mind of what the film may look like and understand what footage may be best to use in it. Additionally, it helps provide inspiration for writing the dialogue. My other films of this nature, Black Water and Breaking Through The Clouds, were also created using this process.

Music heard in this behind the scenes video will be used with one or more of the following footage categories of the film: Angel in captivity, dolphins being driven into, netted off, and slaughtered in the cove at Taiji (both her pod and general footage), and dolphins in the wild. You will see only 6 minutes of the process, but I spent well over a week finding audio tracks and testing them out so this is only a small snippet of this process! The final tracks in the film may or may not be any of the tracks shown in this behind the scenes video, this is still undecided.

Any footage that plays alongside the audio is unedited and unorganized at the moment, aside from being grouped into a certain category and adjustments in length/duration of certain clips. Some of these categories include the ones listed above with what the audio will be used for. The clips you see may not appear in the final released film and are, for the time being, only meant to test the background music.

The next steps in the creation process are finalizing music tracks, writing and creating the script, and continuing to gather and organize footage for the film. After that, I will be creating a "skeleton" of the final film with the final music accompanied with footage and timed text of the script.

I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look at the film! Stay tuned for more updates and behind the scenes content!



Epidemic Sound



The Cove - Oceanic Preservation Society

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This free behind the scenes video is for the purpose of providing an inside look of the Angel Short Film, and is not necessarily reflective of the content in the final released product.



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