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Rising Sun Productions creates noncommercial videos about animal rights/welfare and environmental issues. Commonly featured topics include the ethics of holding cetaceans (dolphins and other whales) in captivity, the Taiji dolphin slaughter, whaling, and the plight of the southern resident killer whales. Many of our videos also highlight the beauty of the natural world to help inspire people to protect and conserve it.


Rising Sun Productions aims to instill an emotional connection between humans and the natural world, to educate people on issues that animals and their ecosystems face, and to inspire them to make a difference in the world.


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Content Disclaimer:

No monetary gain is received from any of the videos produced, unless otherwise stated. The rights of any content not owned by Rising Sun Productions remains exclusively with its owners, and the majority of this content is purely intended for educational purposes. Rising Sun Productions is not an official movie studio.

Released Videos

Memories On The Horizon - End the Taiji Dolphin Drive Hunts!
Rising Sun Productions

Memories On The Horizon - End the Taiji Dolphin Drive Hunts!

This video tells the story of the suffering that dolphins endure in the drive hunts at Taiji, Japan. WARNING: Contains images that may be graphic to some viewers. More information below. The song used in this video is an original creation by Rising Sun Productions, and may be streamed/purchased separately here: Any profits received from the song will be donated to Dolphin Project. MORE INFO ABOUT THE HUNTS IN TAIJI: The drive hunts in Taiji take place from September through March. The demand for seeing dolphins in captivity has kept this practice alive; trainers fly into Taiji to select dolphins best suited for captivity, while the rest are left behind and slaughtered. Even if aquariums - such as SeaWorld - do not currently take dolphins captured from these hunts, they keep the demand alive by demonstrating that the industry is lucrative and profitable. Please pledge to not support facilities that house captive dolphins or other whales to help lower the demand that keeps this practice alive. One argument commonly used to support the hunts is that it is a part of local tradition. However, according to Izumi Ishii, a former dolphin hunter in Taiji, this is not the case. "Their argument that the force of tradition justifies the herding, capturing and slaughtering of dolphins is a flimsy one. Many past cultural practices, such as slavery, bordellos and beheading were stopped for ethical reasons. Tradition and culture are forces that change in accordance with new scientific understanding and evolving ethical standards. In addition, the Taiji hunt didn't even become institutionalized on a large scale until 1969, so its roots are quite shallow" (Editorial in the Japan Times - Dolphins are incredibly intelligent, sentient creatures. Capturing, slaughtering, and holding them is an outdated practice that should be ceased. Please help spread appreciation and respect for the natural world and its inhabitants. For more information about the drive hunts in Taiji, and how you can help, please visit DISCLAIMER The video is not monetized by this YouTube channel. Any ads that appear are a result of claims on footage within the film or the audio used. The rights to any content not belonging to RSP remains with its rightful owner. Full credits are listed at the end of the video. Any comments that are perceived to be offensive, racist, threatening, or otherwise inappropriate in any way will be deleted regardless of the opinion that the commenter holds. Repeat offenders will be banned from the channel. This is a controversial issue - debate and discussion is encouraged, but keep it respectful please!
Riding The Sky - Keep The Oceans Beautiful
Rising Sun Productions

Riding The Sky - Keep The Oceans Beautiful

This video is a celebration of the beauty within the oceans, and of dolphins. While it barely breaches the surface about how amazing they are, it is important to realize why we need to protect marine life and their habitat and learn why they are worth advocating for. Learn more and join the fight to keep the oceans beautiful and the dolphins free, as you see in the video, by visiting these organizations (just a few listed - there are so many more!): The song featured in this video was created by me. You can stream or purchase it here: Thank you for watching! If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe for more content! CREDITS: Footage: Stock footage - Mixkit, Pexels, Pixabay, Videoblocks All other footage filmed by Zach Affolter at Washington State, USA in November of 2015. Please do not use any footage in this video. If you wish to use these clips, go to the sites listed above (Mixkit, Pexels and Pixabay provide stock video for free!) and obtain them with the proper licensing and agreements. You will help support the videographers that way! DISCLAIMER: This video is not monetized and is intended only for educational purposes. The rights of any content in this video not owned by Rising Sun Productions remains entirely with its owner. Rising Sun Productions is not an official business.
Under The Stars (Official Video)