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Rising Sun Productions aims to instill an emotional connection between humans and the natural world, to educate people on issues that animals and their ecosystems face, and to inspire them to make a difference in the world.


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Content Disclaimer:

No monetary gain is received from any of the videos produced, unless otherwise stated. Original music produced is monetized separately, and all profits received are donated to Marine Conservation Organizations. The rights of any content not owned by Rising Sun Productions remains exclusively with its owners, and the majority of this content is purely intended for educational purposes. Rising Sun Productions is not an official business.

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Stop the Taiji drive hunts - don’t buy a ticket. Demand that marine parks speak out against the hunt
Rising Sun Productions

Stop the Taiji drive hunts - don’t buy a ticket. Demand that marine parks speak out against the hunt

(WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES) Your ticket to a marine park housing captive dolphins contributes to the slaughtering of dolphins in Taiji. Even marine parks that do not take dolphins from these hunts play a part by keeping the demand for them alive. For example, SeaWorld has yet to actively denounce and take action against the annual drive hunts and captures in Taji, Japan. They have stated briefly and vaguely in public statements that they oppose the hunts, and do not acquire animals from them, but with their leverage they could be doing So. Much. More. They could work with parks in Japan and around the world so that they do not take dolphins from the hunts and thereby remove its profitability. The fact that they don't is especially damning because successful parks like SeaWorld indirectly aid to the practice continuing. Parks with less favorable business models see profit in the industry and thereby want to acquire dolphins from the drives. Additionally, SeaWorld could work with marine parks in Japan to aid in improving public understanding and appreciation of the species so they are valued instead of seen as pests by the fishermen who drive and butcher them. They could create a coalition with these parks that publicly denounces the drive hunts, calls for their end, and works to create such change. Considering that SeaWorld is trying to teach us to love and appreciate the species, denouncing and taking concrete action against the drive hunts is a step they must​ take. Footage Credits: Sea Shepherd/Dolphin Project/ Original music by Zach Affolter #taiji #seaworld #dolphins #stopthedrive #endtheslaughter
Above The Clouds - Honor Toki's Legacy By Protecting Southern Resident Orca
Rising Sun Productions

Above The Clouds - Honor Toki's Legacy By Protecting Southern Resident Orca

TAKE ACTION TO HELP TOKI'S FAMILY - THE SOUTHERN RESIDENTS - HERE: Beautiful. Majestic. Free. Killer whales have inspired us for thousands of years with their beauty and grace. Before her passing on August 18th, Tokitae emanated this strength, beauty, and grace and inspired many of us. Her family, the southern residents - a population that frequently inhabits the Salish Sea and coastal waters of Washington State - are on the brink of extinction. While there are other threats, one of the biggest contributors to their struggles is lack of food from major declines in Chinook salmon, their main food source. These declines are primarily caused by dams, such as those on the lower Snake River, that inhibit the spawning patterns of the salmon. The southern residents are at their lowest numbers since the captures of the population for aquaria in the 1970s. Researchers have correlated these declines to the reduction in salmon available for them to eat. In 2018, one whale from this endangered population named Tahlequah (J35) made headlines after her calf died and she carried it for 16 days after its death. As top predators, killer whales play a key role by indicating the health of their environment. They are trying to tell us something is wrong. Will we listen before it's too late? It's time to breach the dams and protect the salmon and this treasured group of killer whales before they are gone. If you want to spread the message, please share this video! For more information about the southern residents, the decline in salmon, how dams cause this problem, and what YOU can do to take action, you can check out these links: - (latest updates on whale sightings and photos) - - - - - - - Any revenue from streaming or purchasing of my song featured in this video (listen here - will be donated to Center for Whale Research to help conservation efforts, but please consider donating to them yourself! Credits are listed at end of video. This video is for educational purposes only.

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