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Rising Sun Productions creates noncommercial videos about animal rights/welfare and environmental issues. Commonly featured topics include the ethics of holding cetaceans (dolphins and other whales) in captivity, the Taiji dolphin slaughter, whaling, and the plight of the southern resident killer whales. Many of our videos also highlight the beauty of the natural world to help inspire people to protect and conserve it.


Rising Sun Productions aims to instill an emotional connection between humans and the natural world, to educate people on issues that animals and their ecosystems face, and to inspire them to make a difference in the world.


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Content Disclaimer:

No monetary gain is received from any of the videos produced, unless otherwise stated. Original music produced is monetized separately, and all profits received are donated to Marine Conservation Organizations. The rights of any content not owned by Rising Sun Productions remains exclusively with its owners, and the majority of this content is purely intended for educational purposes. Rising Sun Productions is not an official business.

Released Videos

Finding The Way (Official Video)
Rising Sun Productions

Finding The Way (Official Video)

Stream on Spotify, download on iTunes, and more here: 'Finding The Way' is a lament of the destruction people unleash on each other and the natural world, but also a celebration of the beauty remaining within and around us. If we take the time to recognize this beauty, the world no longer seems as cold and dark as we tend to believe watching the news every night. Many of us face internal struggles and anxiety based on our race, sexual orientation, gender, the current state of the world, and much more. We despair. Yet, amidst that darkness, there is still so much beauty left in the world worth fighting for that can give us hope - even amongst ourselves. When we feel lost and divided, the natural world can inspire, guide, and unite us. Together, we can be the light that reaches over the mountains and the tide that washes across the sea. Together, we can ensure that this beauty remains in our world for those after us to enjoy and be inspired as we are. Use your voice today to make a difference! Disclaimer: This video is not monetized by the YouTube channel. The music is available for streaming and purchase separately. Any profit made from my music is donated to marine conservation organizations. The content shown in this video was licensed from VideoBlocks and Pexels - please go to these websites and obtain clips properly and support the videographers if you would like to use any in your films! Rising Sun Productions is not an official business.